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CFN wants to name that new Oklahoma City basketball team



With Oklahomans catching NBA fever, everyone is throwing their two cents " including Mr. "My Two Cents" Ogle himself " into what the name of the eventual Oklahoma City basketball team should be. The signs are looking pretty good that fast NBA action will make Oklahoma a permanent stop.

The Oklahoman sports columnist Berry Tramel first suggested the Thunderbirds, and the name seems to be catching. It received high marks on the Web site for viewer votes. It's nice and somewhat catchy, but seems to be missing a certain edginess.

We at Chicken-Fried News want something more bold " something that lets the visiting team know it is in Oklahoma.

So, what is Oklahoma well-known for? Right now it has to be oil, which is clearly on everyone's mind. With the price of gas going higher than Cheech and Chong, how about the Oklahoma City Accelerators?

Sports announcers could spend all day talking about the Accelerators' "high-octane" offense. Each time oil set a new price record, fans could receive a free dipstick " perfect for waving at opposing players shooting free throws while the crowd yells "petroleum hands."

Given our love for severe weather and those cloud chasers on television, we could go with the Oklahoma City Dopplers. Nothing says NBA action like Mike Morgan and a radar screen.

Of course, certain lawmakers have received national attention for their fixation on alternative lifestyles and illegal immigrants. CFN is hoping to avoid stereotypical names that would misrepresent our progressive city, so we're voting against suggestions like the Oklahoma City Minutemen or chants such as "Two, four, six, eight, what's the group we like to hate?" That mind-set would also rule out giving a free T-shirt to those driving to the Ford Center in a pickup showcasing a shotgun rack.

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