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‘Chain’ reaction



Regarding “Why chains suck” (Jenny Coon Peterson, June 15, Gazette), I haven’t quite broken the habit of eating at chain restaurants, but I’m getting close. The trouble lies when my buddies from and I are finished with our Sunday morning excursion.

No local coffee and bagel places are open at 7 a.m. We like to nosh at a community eatery with other runners, walkers, cyclists and neighbors, but we can’t find anything that caters to us healthy athletes. Java Dave’s and Old School Bagel Cafe are the only two locals around. Unfortunately, one is closed on Sundays and the other has limited hours and is not open when we finish “runwalking” around Mitch Park. What’s a “runwalker” vegan in Edmond to do?

— Lissa Wohltmann

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