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Charged Oklahoma county commissioner's face hits the Web



Can't Brent Rinehart ever get a break?


The OklahomaCounty commissioner, who faces felony charges of money laundering and perjury stemming from his 2004 campaign, last week faced another accuser: the Internet.


The Oklahoman reported that several "party pictures" surfaced of Rinehart on a slide show Web site. In one picture, Rinehart is shown with three women; in another, he is at a table next to a beer can. The captions of some photos claimed that Rinehart was drunk, the Oke reported.


The photos appeared just days after a billboard reading "Brent Rinehart for Governor" was spotted in downtown Oklahoma City.


Rinehart told The Oklahoman he knew nothing of the photos or the billboard and couldn't say when the photos were taken or if he was drunk in them.


The photos were removed from the slide show site, but not before a local radio station and political blog reposted them on the Internet.


Rinehart said he wasn't bothered by the billboard and was flattered someone would hope he runs for governor.

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