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Charlotte's Fridge



Reviewer's grade: C+


A family of three (one of whom, inexplicably, is a puppet) travels with its chauffeur to a spooky mansion to dine with a woman named Ramona. It turns out that Ramona has a motive other than pleasant dinner conversation, followed by a slice of pie: Her zombie daughter, Charlotte, who lives in the refrigerator to prevent undue rotting, is impatiently waiting to eat the guests.

The family narrowly escapes becoming the next meal for the hideous/hilarious-looking Charlotte, but not before Ramona comes to a bad, though predictable, end. While a little long at 18 minutes, "Charlotte's Fridge" is still entertaining enough.


Between the switchblade-wielding heroine and her puppet brother, not to mention the title character, this urban legend-style Gothic tale is good for at least a few laughs.


"?Michael Robertson


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