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When you're a parody — and this essentially is — you can have too much of a good thing. At some point, you just wear an audience out and risk having a pin poked at yourself.

That comes way early, unfortunately, to the point where its title is all it has going for it. To borrow an exchange a hair past its first half:

"You think this is funny?"

"No, sir."

The milquetoast police officer Kim (Tae-woong Eom) is accidentally transferred from Seoul to a "crimeless" village where nothing's going on but farming. Just his luck, his arrival corresponds roughly with the discovery of some badly mutilated corpses, as in "ripped to shreds." By investigating the bodies, forensics determines the damage couldn't have been by fellow man: It was "an animal ... a really big animal."

Or, to be specific, one big-ass boar. Yes, the other white meat is here, and it. Is. Pissed.

The weak plot follows the "Jaws" template for a good portion, bringing in he-man hunters who vow a quick-and-easy kill, although their prize catch turns out to be a mere minnow in comparison to the whale of the real deal. No matter the size of boar seen, the beasts are created by computers, yet look like they weren't given proper time to render fully.

I could forgive that, however, if "Chawz" gave us anything even halfway engaging on which to grasp. Its heart is in the right place but unlike, say, the same country’s “The Host,” something may be lost in translation. By failing in both laughs and thrills, this boar, I'm afraid, is an utter bore. Perhaps the Jewish and Muslim populations are onto something. —Rod Lott

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