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Cheapskate states



Credit: Brad Gregg

In a recently released report, data collected from the Council for Community and Economic Research C2ER Cost of Living Index, Oklahoma is the cheapest among these United States.

Here in the Sooner State, half a gallon of milk costs approximately $2.33, the average doctor’s office visit totals to about $78.33, and a T-bone steak comes in at $10.22. Homes average at around $265,154, which is considerably lower than averages from other parts of the country.

The data factors in basic living costs in the most expensive areas of the states, as well as population. Other thrifty-on-the-wallet areas include Tennessee, Kansas and Arkansas.

More or less fiscally independent millennials can bankroll their own groovy lifestyles here in OKC: The rent’s cheap, the food is affordable and the nightlife scene is on the rise.

Like everything, of course, the goodness comes with a trade-off: extreme temperatures and fear of minorities.

But, hey, $2.33 milk, y’all!

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