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Checks and balances



This is fact. This is science. It is provable and repeatable. It doesn’t matter how you apply it or what you apply it to, it always adds up. Two feathers plus two feathers equals four feathers. Two houses plus two houses equals four houses. You can even mix things up, and the total amount remains the same. Two feathers plus two houses equals four objects. It doesn’t even matter what your feelings about the abstraction of math might be; it still works.

On the other hand, you might personally accept that two plus two equals seven because your chosen religion postulates this answer as a part of its teachings. If so, that is faith. You choose to accept it as a part of your chosen belief. It doesn’t have to be provable, and very often it is not provable. That’s not the point. You make that leap of faith because you have chosen to follow some particular religious belief and its teachings. You can choose to make it work in your own home as a part of your family beliefs. It can be used in your church as a tenet of religious doctrine.

But you are going to have a hard time balancing your checkbook in the real world with that kind of math.

—Howard Koerth
Oklahoma City

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