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Cheeky citation



Shot in Guthrie and Oklahoma City, the crime film “The Killer Inside Me” failed to bowl over critics and audiences upon release this summer — budget, an estimated $13 million; total gross, $214,966 — but at least it’s taken home one coveted year-end award: inclusion on Mr. Skin’s Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2010.

The premier celebrity nudity website found Jessica Alba’s bare-butt spanking scene of posterior posterity — so much that it slapped down on the list’s tail end, at No. 10, one belt notch below Italian siren Violante Placido in George Clooney’s spy thriller “The American.”

(Let the record show that “Piranha 3D” was No. 1.)

Wrote Mr. Skin of the controversial “Killer” clip and its trophy-winning tush, “Naked at last, Jessica gives us the rear of the year as Casey Affleck beats her perfect rump rosy red with a belt. That is one Killer caboose. … In one long shot, the camera pans from face to butt, so it’s the real Alba Al-butt!” Glad that’s cleared up! Chicken-Fried News extends its congratulations — among other things — to Jess and her rump of regard, her fanny of favor, her rear of reverence, her hindquarters of homage, her derriere of distinction, her … apologies, we’ll stop there.

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