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Chesapeake Boathouse offers kayaking classes

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A humble but useful hunter's tool in ancient Arctic and Asian civilizations, the kayak has evolved into a source of recreation and sport. Today, kayakers head out to lake, river and sea in search of competition, relaxation or just good old adventure.

Although Oklahoma isn't known for white-water rapids and gushing springs (aside from the water parks, that is), it still plays home to a variety of water sports, especially skiing, wakeboarding and rowing. Kayaking may not carry the glamour of those other watery pastimes, but it's still a fun alternative for sun-drenched afternoons.

For a paltry $35, guests at the Chesapeake Boat House, 725 S. Lincoln, can take a 90-minute "Kayaking 101" class that covers the basics, including proper rowing techniques and safety guidelines.

"If you are thinking about taking up kayaking and maybe buying a kayak, it's another great way to come out, get on the water, see if you really like it," said Elizabeth Laurent, Chesapeake Boathouse marketing director.

Laurent said "Kayaking 101" graduates are ready for all that the boathouse has to offer, like kayak rentals, more intense rowing classes and even competitive sprint kayaking.

The class is offered at 6 p.m. Wednesdays and 9 a.m. Saturdays, for ages 8 and up. Rowers under 18 should come with a parent or guardian, but no experience is required. For more information, call 552-4040. "Jake Dalton and Reneé Selanders

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