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Cheyenne returns to Norman to finish new album



Indie-folk act Cheyenne had recorded some tracks in New York that the members weren't satisfied with, so front man Jennings came back to Norman to fill out the rest of the album.

Here, he tapped the talents of musician friends, including former bandmate Ryan Lindsey, and to record at Chad Copeland's Black Watch Studios.

"It's funny: We're in the lion's den of coolness and just not feeling like we fit in at all. Especially (bandmate) Ben (King) and I, we got real interested in exploring " this is really hokey " but our heritage," Jennings said.

Since moving to New York, Jennings said he's grown more confident in his vocals. Now that they can glance back at their distant hometown as outsiders, they've gained a new perspective.

"Oklahoma themes are easier to write about and analyze when you're away," Jennings said. "You start looking at Oklahoma from the point of view of the East Coast because you're there." "Charles Martin

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