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Chicken Fried News: 10 days?!


College students giving up beer? That’s a headline. Doing it willingly? That’s downright remarkable. And that’s not all they’re giving up. They’re forsaking daily lattes, caffeine-laden sodas — you know, things they hold most dear. And we know that caffeine can make or break a college career. Well, to be fair, so can beer.

If the students at the University of Oklahoma (OU) seem a little twitchy, back off, man, it’s all for charity.

According to a report, students at OU are joining a 10-day grassroots campaign that got its start at Texas A&M University.

Henry Poegler founded The Wells Project for Living Water International at A&M after learning how little of the world has access to clean water. Students voluntarily give up their favorite beverage for 10 days and donate the money they save to the nonprofit.

Living Water International made The Wells Project its official college campus campaign in 2009, and it soon spread to campuses across the country. This is the second year OU has participated. Students are encouraged to donate $51, or what the average college student spends on drinks over 10 days.

Um, we’re not sure where those numbers came from, but we’re guessing many penny beer nights figured in there somewhere.

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