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Chicken Fried News: A for effort


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What would you do to prove your innocence? Convicted murderer Alvin Parker has tried everything, including annoying the judiciary process to death by filing 14 applications for post-convictions relief, numerous filings of a writ of habeas corpus, even going to the U.S. Supreme Court, each time being rejected.

Convicted of murdering an off-duty police detective in the ’80s, Parker is a “prodigious paper pleading participant of the criminal justice system,” Oklahoma County District Judge Jerry Bass was quoted as saying to

“If the criminal justice system awarded a point for each piece of paper he has filed in this case, along with the paper required to respond to his filings ... he would be a member of the ‘Million Mile Club,’” Bass wrote.

Parker maintains he is a patsy and a victim of what some might call the botched career of forensic chemist Joyce Gilchrist.

“[She] made significant errors in her analysis and was fired from the Oklahoma City Police Department for misconduct. Her testimony affected 1,500 criminal cases (Parker’s case being one of them),” the article said.

Parker’s cousin, whose testimony was also key in his conviction, has recanted his claim that Parker did it.

So, although his court documents now arrive on a cart of “boxes and boxes” of paperwork, Parker sits in prison with no more chances. We’re sure he is bummed, but the trees are breathing a collective sigh of relief.

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