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Chicken-Fried News: A helluva collection




(Madeline Hancock)
  • Madeline Hancock

A man’s gotta have a hobby, and it’s best if it’s a wholesome one. That’s just what president of Hobby Lobby Steve Green talked about at a luncheon address recently, according to The Christian Post. He said when he’s not heading a multimillion-dollar company, he’s collecting Bible artifacts, and really expensive ones at that.

This is the company that gained great nationwide notoriety in June with a landmark Supreme Court case exempting the owners from covering the cost of some methods of birth control for employees due to the owners’ religious convictions.

Addressing the city of Owasso, Green told about times when Hobby Lobby was not at the top of its game (read: losing money). Thanks to the recent good fortune, he plans to “operate the company according to the principles He has given us in his word.”

We take that to mean that he’s possibly blowing all that cash it’s saving in paying for birth control on rare Bible-era finds. Green is also using his wealth to open a Bible museum in Washington, DC in 2017.

We just hope it has a display of Jesus riding a dinosaur.

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