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Chicken-Fried News: Abortions and t-shirts


(Madeline Hancock)
  • Madeline Hancock

The owners of Hobby Lobby have been credited for being pioneers for religious freedom following their successful challenge to the federal government’s requirement to provide contraceptives as part of employer-provided health insurance.

Now it appears that even satanists want to follow that example.

In a letter posted on its website, the New York-based Satanic Temple says the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling should allow its own members to opt out of participating in information-consent laws, which require women seeking an abortion to hear a state-directed counseling that includes information designed to discourage the abortion, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

“The Supreme Court has decided that religious beliefs are so sacrosanct that they can even trump scientific fact,” the group stated in its letter. “Because of the respect the Court has given to religious beliefs, and the fact that our our beliefs are based on best available knowledge, we expect that our belief in the illegitimacy of state mandated ‘informational’ material is enough to exempt us, and those who hold our beliefs, from having to receive them.”

Then again, this could all be a ploy to sell merchandise, as the group also sells T-shirts that say, “Right to accurate medical information” on its website. They come in black, white and pink and cost $25.

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