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Chicken-Fried News: Affluent affair



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We give Gov. Mary Fallin a hard time for a couple of reasons.

1. She’s a public figure and needs a little ribbing.

2. Because it’s funny.

But after word broke that she spent more than $1 million on her second inauguration, we’re just going to tip our hat. You’ve got to respect a player that balls so hard.

Yes, there are likely better things on which to spend that money — schools, jails for the kids failed by the schools, bridges that don’t crumble — but none of her party fund came from taxpayer money.

According to the inaugural committee’s report, nearly $900k came from contributions. One hopes that, for the $25,000 a piece given by Clay Bennett, Love’s Travel Stops, Devon Energy and The GEO Group (they run for-profit prisons), they at least got unlimited trips to the buffet.

Really, what better way to celebrate another four interminable years of public gaffes, cuts to essential services and Fox News appearances than a big, fancy party paid for by the corporate interests that own our government.

Hurray for Oklahoma!

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