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Chicken-Fried News: AMA assist




There’s a brook in his name, but that doesn’t mean Russell likes to babble.

Oklahoma City Thunder’s favorite brawler, baller and shot-caller Russell Westbrook took to Reddit for an AMA (ask me anything) chat session with fans, and his answers were ... terse.

While some celebs take AMAs as an opportunity to expound on who they are and what they do, user RealRussWest44 kept most of his replies short, sweet and (sometimes) to the point. Here are a few highlights:

Q: If you could posterize anyone in the world, who would it be?

RealRussWest44: You.

Q: What, if anything, have you gotten out of Oklahoma that you never expected?

RealRussWest44: How nice, supportive and good the people are and the fans are here.

Q: Would you rather fight one Kevin Durant-size duck or 100 duck-sized Kendrick Perkins?

RealRussWest44: I don’t fight, I’m a nice guy.

One juicy nugget he dropped is that “Stephen” is the funniest guy in OKC. That might mean fellow Thunder player Steven Adams, but RealRussWest44 never followed up on it.

Are you named Stephen? Are you in Oklahoma City? If so, Russell Westbrook might think you’re very funny!

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