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Chicken-Fried News: And not a drop for drinking?



Voting can be a useful tool, whether it’s deciding the next governor, approving changes to the Constitution or selecting the next American Idol. However, there are some situations in which voting might not be the best solution.

In Norman, water rate increases are only approved by a vote of the people, rather than a decision made by the city council, as is the case in most cities.

As you would imagine, Norman doesn’t raise its water rates too much, as voters don’t typically like to approve higher utility fees.

However, the lack of rate increases — and the inability of the city to set its own rates — has prevented the city from achieving major water infrastructure projects, city officials said. The city can’t join in on regional water plans because there is no guarantee voters would approve the rate necessary to pay for it.

“It’s not a tax credit, but a rebate, and that’s an important difference,” Sean Patrick Eaton of the Professional Filmmakers of Oklahoma replied.


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