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Chicken-Fried News: Arty argument




A modern take on a classic theatrical farce unfolded earlier this month when the universe (i.e. Facebook) brought together Oklahoma City artist and Current Studio cofounder Romy Owens and state Sen. Bill Brown (R-Broken Arrow).

Owens shared a link to a article that was critical of party leaders who support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. She also said the few Trump supporters she knows are “alt-right racist christian [sic] homophobes who have been brainwashed to be afraid.”

Sen. Brown, who is not Facebook or real-life friends with Owens, somehow saw her post and decided to toss his two cents into the fray.

“Romy, your [sic] are the racist,” he wrote. “If someone does not believe like you, you demonize them. Typical Democrat Policy.”

His post launched string of responses. Some simply corrected Brown’s grammar. Others addressed how proud Broken Arrow voters must be of their elected official.

But Brown’s own responses proved most illuminating. Specifically that he didn’t quite grasp how Owen’s original post ended up in his timeline, as he suggested she remove him as a Facebook friend and that people who don’t agree with him should remove themselves from Oklahoma entirely.

“You guys might want to move to New York, or California,” he wrote. “Some place where you might fit in better.”

His tenor changed after Owens invoked obscure local blog (and Oklahoma Gazette Best of OKC winner) The Lost Ogle.

Brown wrote, “You are right, I don’t know how face book [sic] works, and how your post got on mine. However I have enjoyed the conversation, and hope maybe we can sit down an [sic] talk. God able [sic] you … Sorry, I meant God Bless you.”

The entire exchange has many of us at Chicken-Fried News wondering if the exchange counts as performance art.

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