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Chicken-Fried News: Bad idea



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Breaking into a cop’s house is a bad idea. Breaking into his in-laws’ house is even worse, as Stephen Ray Brown figured out all too briefly when he was shot and killed by an off-duty Midwest City police officer.

Brown, 54, was allegedly burgling a home in Choctaw when the officer discovered him while checking on the residence because his in-laws were away.

According to reports, the officer arrived to find the door open and the dwelling ransacked. When he found Brown with a gun, the cop shot and killed him.

Look, there are very few places you want to run into an off-duty cop with a gun — maybe at Affair of the Firearm at the fairgrounds — but inside his in-laws’ home is the worst. Because everyone, at least once, has wanted to pull out a pistol in their in-laws’ place and fire off a couple of rounds.

The last thing you want to do is give a guy an excuse.

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