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Chicken-Fried News: Banking woes



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Let’s be honest; going to the bank can be a bummer. Let’s review the reasons:

1. Your account balance is lower

than expected.

2. A banker rejects your loan application.

3. Asking to speak to a manager

doesn’t end with removal of an

unexpected bank fee.

4. There is a line, a long line.

5. The lollipops are only for children.

Even in the worst banking situations, remember to take a breath and remain calm.

At least that’s what those of us here at Chicken-Fried News do.

Eric Maxwell did the opposite during his Nov. 7 visit to Bank of America in Leadership Square, local media reported.

According, Maxwell visited the bank to close an account. After arguing with managers, Maxwell was asked to leave and police were called.

Just as bank workers predicted, the upset, newly former customer returned.

“There was a verbal exchange, and the suspect then attacked the officer, hitting him multiple times in the face, scratching his face,” Oklahoma City Police Capt. Paco Balderrama told the television station.


Now, in addition to dealing with banking woes, Maxwell faces an assault and battery of an officer charge.

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