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Chicken-Fried News: Bathroom brawlers



KOCO broke the first and second rules of Fight Club recently when it reported on a pint-sized version of the brawling enthusiasts’ association at Capps Middle School.

A cellphone video of the fight posted to the news site showed participants in a boys’ bathroom laughing as they slugged and kicked one another.

Putnam City Schools officials said it was a one-time incident and participants were suspended on the day of the brawl.

One parent, however, said they happen daily and it makes students like her son afraid to go to school.

“To know that your kid is nervous because he’s going to have some kids jump on him is a really horrible feeling,” she told

District spokesman Steve Lindley said school officials haven’t seen a pattern of fights like this, but parents and students should tell the principal if they are scared.

That would be better than last year, when a scuffle erupted between a parent and teenaged student at Putnam City West High School.

Officials said they are monitoring bathrooms. We sympathize with the teachers tasked with checking the lavatories for tussles, not only because it’s scary to get in the middle of a fight, but also because few things are grosser than bathrooms used by teenagers.

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