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Chicken-Fried News: Big eater



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The Oklahoma City Thunder was not able to hold off a comeback attempt from a resurgent Golden State Warriors squad, but the team’s unexpected deep run into the NBA Playoffs helped make a star out of center Steven Adams.

He scored, defended and rebounded at a level that surprised even longtime Thunder fans. What fueled that high level of play? Apparently a voracious appetite.

In a recent New York Times article about Adams’ elevated level of play, teammate Nick Collison marveled at the New Zealand-born 7-footer’s incredible metabolism.

“I think one of the best things about playing in the NBA for him is he’s able to afford really good food,” Collison told the Times.

A story by The Wall Street Journal said Adams has become a big fan of halal and Turkish cuisine since Enes Kanter, a Muslim who closely observes his religion’s dietary laws, joined the Thunder last season. The pair even spends some time debating which city has the best halal restaurants.

Steven Adams is not the only breakout star from this postseason. His diminutive doppelganger “Little” Steven Adams, a 3-year-old boy sporting a fake mustache, matching arm tattoos and a long ponytail, became a social media sensation for this spot-on imitation.

It is unclear whether the real Adams will ever meet his pint-sized double, but when that day happens, we hope they find time to split a milkshake — or two.

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