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Chicken-Fried News: Bike hate



Ahhhhh, being in the top 50 is rad. Remember how exciting it was to pore over Billboard charts in Rolling Stone as a kid and how cool it was when you realized you knew a chart maker?


Either way, now you know one. recently released its ranking of Most Bike-Friendly City, and Portland, Oregon, spun straight to No. 1.

Oh, wait.

The website added together and weighted details like how many people bike, how safely they’re able to bike and if there is ongoing infrastructure improvement to facilitate safe biking.

Unfortunately, Oklahoma City ranked No. 49, with only .23 percent of employees biking to work and an overall city score of 15.49 (Portland earned 87.59).

So, to reverse that list, when it comes to the top 10 least bike-friendly cities in the nation, Oklahoma City ranks No. 4.

That’s ten slots ahead of Tulsa!

Take that, suckers.

On a positive note, our city has announced many initiatives in recent years that should drive (or shall we say bike) us to a better ranking, from added bike lanes to improved safety and a growth in bike clubs across the metro.

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