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Chicken-Fried News: Bittersweet release


  • Ingvard Ashby

The sweet taste of freedom quickly soured like an unripe cherry for an Oklahoma City man last week after he led police on a high-speed chase just hours after being released from prison.

According to KFOR, Jonathan Tecumseh fled a routine traffic stop around SE 29th Street, taking the vehicle north on Interstate 35, and eventually blew a tire around NE 24th Street and Santa Fe Avenue, where he ditched the vehicle and took off on foot for a wooded area, where he was taken back into custody.

Tecumseh told police he fled the initial traffic stop because he was in possession of a firearm. According to KFOR, Tecumseh has previous drug violations, and he told police that he left jail that morning for being in a stolen vehicle. Police recovered the gun at the scene. Tecumseh didn’t read his copy of How Not to Get Sent Back to Jail for Dummies book while he had some time on in his hands during his previous stint.

The passenger in the police chase did have some common sense. According to police, he stuck his head out the window, waved his arms and tried to surrender. When the chase ended, he immediately laid on the ground, rather than going into the woods. The story doesn’t mention that the passenger received any charges, and hopefully he didn’t because he was an innocent bystander.

Let’s hope the suspect takes a few days before doing anything that might get him sent back to jail the next time he gets out. 

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