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Chicken-Fried News: Bold move




Several of our readers balked at the hardworking news sleuths here at Chicken-Fried News after we wrote that Gov. Mary Fallin will be forced out of the governor’s mansion for “six glorious months” while repair work is done.

Last week, Fallin announced that she won’t be leaving after all.

“After reviewing the work proposal, Governor Fallin has decided not to proceed this year with the plan for mansion repairs,” quoted Alex Weintz, the governor’s spokesman. “The disruption it would cause to the governor’s ability to fulfill the duties of her office is not feasible at this time. She may reconsider the proposal at a later date.”

Considering the 86-year-old, three-story, 14,000-square-foot building also is her residence, her home office, her event space, her meeting space, her library and the place in which she welcomes dignitaries, lawmakers and business leaders, it would only make sense that she wait “until a later date” to make updates, improvements and repairs on things like a smelly, waterlogged basement, rotting windows and replacing the heating and cooling systems.

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