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Chicken-Fried News: Bologna blunder




Finally, a Chicken-Fried News story we can sink our teeth into. reported a semitrailer wreck early Dec. 4 that sent one man to the hospital and thousands of pounds of frozen bologna spilling onto a Tulsa roadway.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers told the news outlet that weather conditions and the speed of the truck caused the crash where interstates 44 and 244 connect and landed the driver in the hospital with back pain. said the semitractor-trailer was hauling 39,000 pounds of bologna when it veered off the road, hit a tree and rolled over.

The rule of the Internet is almost always, “Don’t read the comments,” but news reports involving large trucks hauling lunchmeat are cause for a special exception. commenters dropped several bon mots in response to the story, including questions about the operator (“Was the driver’s first name O-S-C-A-R?”) and suggested alternate headlines (“Semi beats meat on slick street”).

But the winner was Facebook user Malc Dekab, who asked, “Where’s a mustard truck when you need one?”

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