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Many of the world’s greatest poets and storytellers (Aesop, Shakespeare, Smash Mouth) have told us “not all that glitters is gold.”

Were these wise men commenting on the strip club dancer pay dynamic? Probably not, but the expression still applies.

Former Oklahoma dancer Angel Wilson is suing both Little Darlings and Lawton’s Dragon West, claiming she was “deprived compensation,” recently reported.

She alleges the clubs failed to pay her or her colleagues minimum wage.

Wilson’s lawyer told that the clubs improperly classify the dancers as “independent contractors” when they should be treated as employees.

“Everyone thinks these girls make so much money,” he told “They really don’t make that much.”

Wilson’s lawyer also claims that she and other dancers are charged a house or bar fee before they can even perform. The attorney said they also are required to pay a nightly disc jockey fee.

At Chicken-Fried News, we believe adult entertainers are as entitled to a fair wage as anyone else.

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