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Chicken-Fried News: Breathless enthusiasm




“Oh my gosh. Die hard fan right there,” read one of countless tweets to a 22-year-old Canadian man after he posted a picture of himself in the hospital May 31. According to and confirmed by the man’s Twitter account, Bern (aka @liveasong4)’s lung collapsed from singing too hard during a recent Carrie Underwood concert in Ottawa.

Underwood, a born-and-bred Okie, has been killing it with her Storyteller tour and attended a recent Celebrity Fight Night for Muhammad Ali and his Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center before his death, according to Rare Country.

The beauty made Bern a sensation after she responded to his tweet, which read, “@CarrieUnderwood SLAYED me so hard in Ottawa. I sang along to every word and my lung flopped. #YOLO #LoveHer.”

You only live once is right.

“What the what?! I hope you’re alright! It was great to get to see you! Thanks for risking your life to be there!” read the Checotah native’s response.

Bern retweeted the superstar’s response, along with numerous others giving him a combination of sympathy and grief.

His Twitter profile proudly displays a snap he took with Underwood before the concert: “@CarrieUnderwood slayed me so hard she sent me to the hospital. She literally took my breath away on May 27, 2016. What an honor.”

Bern even ran a survey asking which song did in his lung. Over a hundred people voted on either “Renegade Runaway,” “Blown Away,” “Choctaw County Affair” or “Something in the Water.”

The culprit appears to be “Blown Away,” though “Something in the Water” is a close second in vote count. Bern also confirmed he is feeling much better.

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