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Chicken-Fried News: Cam scam



Smile for the camera! That’s the caption Oklahoma City police posted with a photo of a man they said stole over 50 lottery tickets from a Circle K gas station in Oklahoma City recently.

The photo shows the man looking frustrated and attempting to turn off or tear down the convenience store's security camera.

While we at Chicken-Fried News in no way endorse theft of any kind, we’ve got to hand it to John Doe for attempting to cash in on the good stuff.

According to Circle K, the Mega Millions lottery hit a $1 billion jackpot, the largest in the game’s history.

Unfortunately for the suspect, cashing in on the earnings would likely result in his arrest.

Upon a further look into crimes committed in the Sooner State in recent months we’ve found some potential besties for this criminal of the hour.

Last month, a Tulsa man was finally arrested after engaging in a series of QuikTrip beer robberies over the summer and a 23-year-old decided to steal an Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer’s vehicle after he was pulled over for speeding.

The sad truth of these crimes rests in the fact that all these dudes were sober when they committed their acts of stupidity.

If you want to go down as an Oklahoman legend, any Okie with half a brain can tell you that the way to do that is not to commit petty crimes but rather to get your head on right, buy a tie or some new heels, do some research and run for office.

Happy campaigning to all our 2018 candidates!

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