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Chicken-Fried News: Cat love



There are stereotypical crazy cat ladies, and there are those that take it to a whole new level. Jay Cook could be crowned the Queen of the Cat Ladies.

Rather than spend her time knitting afghans and telling one of her house cats to stop one of many ruinous behaviors, Cook takes a different approach, reported

She has organized an area near Lake Hefner with shelters and feeding troughs for the dozens of feral felines that have come to call the place home. She visits the colony every day, dispensing food and giving attention to the more social of the group.

Cook has organized a nonprofit group, Kitty Wranglers Cat Rescue, to raise donations for the cats’ care and organize adoption for those that are fit to be pets.

As a means to help control the population, she participates in a program with Oklahoma City Animal Shelter in which the cats are trapped, spayed or neutered and returned to their colony. Both Cook and representatives from the OKC Animal Shelter concluded that the trap-and-release program is the most successful method for dealing with feral cat overpopulation.

The previous solution was to euthanize the animals, which is just sad.

The cats in the colony come from every situation, from being born on the street to abandoned or dumped by their owners.

Cook has names for all of the felines in her charge, and her passion for the kitties ensures that they have the best quality of life possible.

That’s a cat lady crusade we can get behind.

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