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Chicken-Fried News: Check boom




Who needs actual money when you can just write checks for everything?! Checks are great — paper promising that someday maybe the writer will pay you what they owe. Probably.

And quite possibly, few love checks more than Baby Boomers — they whip out their checkbooks at tills all over the country and elicit sighs from those in line behind them who know that the future is plastic, and it’s now and in the time it takes you to write a check and process it, we’re already back in the car, eating chips and Rolo candies, lip-syncing to terrible indie-pop-folk music and just generally driving while distracted.

Four metro Baby Boomers — well, three and one 45-year-old — have yet to discover the almost-immediate magic of plastic. They are facing charges for writing counterfeit checks.

Basically, Marjorie Elaine Lodes, Daniel Charles Lodes, Mechelle Lee Ashcraft and Belinda Sonya Shelton stole bank info from some people in Nebraska, printed counterfeit checks, made fake IDs and went on a shopping spree totaling $134,535.06. Sometimes they didn’t even keep what they bought; reported that the indictment claimed they “returned items for cash and store credit.”

They’re being indicted on nine charges, including conspiracy, and could get 10 years and $250,000 fines.

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