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Chicken-Fried News: Conventional wisdom


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Oklahoma City is searching for a location for its new MAPS 3 convention center after backing away from its first choice earlier this month. Land west of Chesapeake Energy Arena proved to be too expensive, unless perhaps the city wanted to issue a TIF for itself. (Think about that for a moment.)

It’s a setback for the convention center, but options remain.

We have recommendations.

For example, the Native American Cultural Center is still sitting uncompleted south of the river, and taking it back for the purposes of the convention center wouldn’t be the first time a promised sacred ground was reclaimed. (Ouch — we’re already sorry for typing that one.)

Another idea: Building a new convention center underground might attract those organizations scared away by our reputation of tornadic weather.

If none of those prove to be viable options, there has to be a historic building somewhere the city hasn’t torn down yet.

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