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Chicken-Fried News: Country grown



Oklahoma’s country music queen has an heir. And apparently, his hands and feet are very small.

On March 3, Carrie Underwood tweeted a photo of newborn Isaiah Michael Fisher, showing the wee child’s face and hand.

The baby was born Feb. 27 and is her first with hubby Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators hockey team.

Underwood first announced the gender of Lil Fish (patent pending) through a happy accident at the 2014 Country Music Awards when fellow country star Brad Paisley referred to the baby with a gendered pronoun but has since kept her followers in suspense withholding the delivery.

There’s no word yet on the inspiration for the name, though Rolling Stone reports that it’s possibly something to do with the Bible. Regardless, you probably wouldn’t remember even if we told you.

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