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We at Chicken-Fried News don’t know if the Heritage Hills neighborhood has an established crime watch or crime patrol.

If it does, we recommend Dr. Benjamin White at the top of the list to lead the organized group of neighbors preventing crime.

After reading a recent article, we know a few things about the very excellent doctor.

First, he isn’t afraid to admit cat burglars and thieves make him mad.

Second, in the moments of rage, he will approach any suspected intruder and ask what they are doing.

According to the TV news outlet, earlier this month, White encountered a man coming out of his own garage with his bike.

“I should have retreated, but I confronted him and shone my flashlight in his eyes and asked what he’s doing in my garage with my bike,” Dr. White told

The perpetrator set the bike down and ran away.

Days later, another neighbor reported someone breaking into their garage to Oklahoma City police, who later arrested the suspect. Police believe the accused is connected to three burglary cases, including Dr. White’s.

The good doctor has some advice to those thinking about stealing bicycles or breaking into garages.

“To break into a home to steal bikes doesn’t make a lot of sense,” White told “It doesn’t seem to be a very high reward for the amount of risk he’s taking. Breaking into a garage in Oklahoma, you could very well get shot.”

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