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Chicken-Fried News: Dad jokes




Getting your kids to do chores is sometimes a chore in itself. It’s the same with convincing your finicky mini-me to eat something other than chicken nuggets or plain cheese pizza for every meal every day ad infinitum.

Well, one Oklahoma City dad devised a brilliant scheme to keep his son from burying a week’s worth of lunch-bag bananas in the bottom of his backpack.

Admit it, parents: Kids like what they like.

OKC Reddit user andyrine knows this.

So he shared his revelation with fellow Reddit r/daddit readers last week in a post titled “My 3 year old packed his own lunch today,” in which he shared a photo of his son’s soft lunch cooler packed to overflowing (onto Dad’s couch) with his tot’s four favorite food groups: cheesy poofs, more cheesy poofs and two Marvel action figures (Spider-Man and Captain America).

It set off a wave of replies from r/daddit readers:

“He knows what he likes,” commented Redditor Meatball_express.

“I’m 42 and I did that last Tuesday. Clearly, the kid is ahead of the game,” responded remlu.

“I’m 32 and I’d eat this,” said salty_box.

(So would we at Chicken-Fried News, to be honest.)

“One thing’s for sure, those aren’t Planters Cheez Balls. God I miss them,” lamented user camionmarto.

(Ditto, camionmarto!)

Another Redditor, Atisekim, clarified: “To be fair, the caption for this could also read ‘my 30 year old packed his own lunch today, I told him now that he has a job he’s got 2 weeks to get out of my basement.’ Lol. This is much cuter though.”

Truer words.

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