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Well, it looks as if decades of minimal infrastructure updates are finally working out for Oklahoma City.

Google, makers of that thing you use so often you almost don’t realize it, has announced it’s looking at Oklahoma City as a future site for its high-speed Internet service, Fiber.

After years of swallowing Cox and AT&T’s monopolistic control of Oklahoma City’s access to the Internet, we might be in line for a deep drilling of Google’s high-speed fiber-optic cables, which promise download and upload speeds of 1,000 megabits per second.

By way of comparison, Cox’s Internet Ultimate package boasts “up to” 150 megabits per second download and only 20 megabits per second upload speeds.

AT&T has GigaPower, but it’s not in OKC.

Google Fiber’s Director of Expansion Jill Szuchmacher said challenges could pop up, including topography issues and access to local, existing infrastructure.

Don’t worry, Jill! There’s little existing infrastructure! Dig away.

You want us to dig? We’ll do it. Whatever it takes for that sweet, sweet Fiber.

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