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Chicken-Fried News: Dallas drinkers



Readers of The Dallas Morning News recently saw a story about “5 fabulous bars in Oklahoma City” and they gave a shout-out to some of our favorite watering holes.

But as much as we love the Plaza District and Midtown, it appears that the writer was only able to write about places within walking distance of his hotel. Poor guy!

So here are a few we’d like to submit in case Dallas folks need a little more help finding booze:

>> Best Place to Get Blasted On Moonshine: Hillbilly Po-Boys & Oysters

>> Best Place to See People Tall Enough That They Might Be Basketball Players But It’s Too Dark to Be Sure: WSKY Lounge

>> Best Place to Pick Up Your Friend’s Newly Single Mom or Dad: Applebee’s

>> Best Place for A Drink After Buying Fresh Produce At Urban Agrarian: Power House

>> Worst Place to Be When People Figure Out You’re From Dallas: The Garage Burgers & Beer in Norman

See also: This issue’s roundup of Oklahoma Gazette’s Best of OKC awards. You’re welcome.

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