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Chicken-Fried News: “(Deadly) Dance”


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A fun evening on the town took a dark turn for an Oklahoma couple when an off-duty security officer tried to help break up a scuffle in downtown Tulsa. The events happened on the night of one of Garth Brooks’ many homecoming concerts at the BOK Center.

Andrew Bryant, who works for the Veterans Affairs Department, was in the downtown throng when a fight broke out, reported. Police said Bryant witnessed Rodney Walker, 23, on top of a woman, punching her.

When Bryant identified himself and made an attempt to break up the fight, Walker pulled a gun. By that time, both men had guns drawn and Bryant fired at Walker, hitting him several times. Walker later succumbed to his injuries at Saint Francis Hospital.

The fact that it happened in proximity to the Garth Brooks concert is a pure, unfortunate coincidence.

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