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Chicken-Fried News: Denim up



Russell Westbrook can rock a kurta. He can sport spots. Give him an oversized jacket with a pattern of 3-D glasses wearing moviegoer heads. Yeah, sure. Whatever. Ain’t no thang.

For the man who has a fashion Tumblr for his eccentricities, he might as well have a job to go with it. As of now, the Oklahoma City Thunder personality is creative director of True Religion’s new marketing campaign.

While Westbrook won’t be working his new gig 24/7, something tells us he’s going to be rocking quite a bit of denim from here on out. Last week, Westbrook filmed a TV spot that aired the following day during the NBA All-Star goings-on.

With the new gig, Westbrook joins a growing movement of athletes exploring the fashion industry.

Though by no means yet a Michael Jordan, Lebron James or a Kevin Durant, who each own their own clothing lines, he might very well be on his way.

Non sequitur: Do you know what happens when Russell Westbrook doesn’t get his halftime high-five? Jeremy Lamb does. Look it up.

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