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Chicken-Fried News: Deputy groove




If you are like us at Chicken-Fried News, you couldn’t wait for So You Think You Can Dance to return for its 13th season in late May.

The competition show presents the right amount of street moves mixed with ballet, tap and jazz. Sure, there is Dancing with the Stars, but who really wants to watch Olympic athletes, B-list actors or former boy band members bust moves?

However, if you are looking for locals saving their street moves for Funkytown, Chicken Fried-News recommends “OCPD Running Man Video.”

Yup, Oklahoma City law enforcement officers can Le Freak. Don’t believe us? Check the YouTube video. More than 37,000 people watched the two-minute video within 24 hours of it being posted online.

As part of the Running Man Challenge, officers, cadets and a bomb squad member showcased their Stayin’ Alive skills. One officer even moonwalked.

Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow told Fox 25 the video was all for fun.

“Sometimes people don’t get to see the more lighthearted, fun side of officers,” Wardlow told the TV station. “So we thought this was a great opportunity to showcase that side.”

Next time police make a traffic stop, remember OKC police recognize a disco inferno when they see it.

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