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Chicken-Fried News: Dome love



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Word is out that developer Jonathan Russell, new owner of the Gold Dome, would like to see the historic landmark occupied by a grocery store.

The president and CEO of Land Run Commercial Real Estate Advisors said he’s in talks with two grocery chains — one local, one national — to take up residence in the distinctive building.

After years of failing restaurants, offices and general incompetence, Gold Dome needs some love.

And what better way to generate foot traffic than by increasing the food traffic in an area desperate for more grocery options?

The next step is convincing Russell to do the same thing to First National Center. Imagine that, downtown residents: 33 floors of banking history transformed into the city’s largest grocery store. Run for your life, Super Cao Nguyen! Beware, Crest and Buy For Less! First National Grocery Center will crush you with an entire floor dedicated to potato chips! Bwahahahahahahahaha!

Or, you know, maybe they should just stick to the dome for now.

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