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Chicken-Fried News: Down note



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When the Laymon family returned to their home in Rogers County, they were greeted with a shocking sight: the family dog bleeding on their front porch from a gunshot wound.

Bruno, the family’s German shepherd, was shot by a deputy who was in the area to investigate another reported incident. When he pulled up near the Laymon home and exited his vehicle, Bruno ran toward him, barking. The deputy, who said he felt threatened by the dog, shot Bruno in the shoulder.

Sheriff Scott Walton said the deputy followed protocol by immediately calling a supervisor.

Before leaving the scene, the deputy also left an explanatory note on the Laymon’s door with the still-bleeding dog.

A follow-up Tulsa World report said Bruno’s front left leg was amputated. The Laymons said they considered putting the dog down and still might have to.

It’s a hard decision to make, they said, because he is a valued family member. The sheriff’s office told Tulsa’s that it received multiple complaints about Bruno before the shooting, but the Laymons maintained the shooting was unnecessary.

The family told that it is considering filing a claim to cover the dog’s health care expenses. So far, expenses have surpassed $6,000.

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