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Chicken-Fried News: Drink up


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Alcohol is coming for you and your family.

The slavering beast of alcohol is one of many health concerns that Oklahomans deal with, and the picture of just how strongly it affects Okies is crystallized in a report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to, the report ranks Oklahoma No. 11 in deaths from alcohol poisoning between 2010-2012.

While the report paints the data in broad brushstrokes, NewsOK .com quoted Terri White, Oklahoma’s mental health and substance abuse commissioner, who called the report “the tip of the iceberg.” She clarified that death statistics in no way correlate to the number of people suffering from any other disease and complications associated with chronic drinking.

So, we’re doin’ fine, Oklahoma. Just put the bottle down.

For those who seek help for problem drinking, please visit to find resources.

In the meantime, Okies, let’s hope for not even making the top 20 the next time this survey rolls around. In fact, let’s dream big and hope we are last. That would be one ranking we could all be proud of.

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