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Chicken-Fried News: Drug beef




Cattle rustling is on the rise in Oklahoma.

Rustling, which we learned is not just a more intense form of roughhousing, is when someone steals a cow. About 3,000 are reported stolen each year.

Man, those guys must really like pot roast — or, as it turns out, meth, according to Reuters.

“Some city meth head is going to be kicking your door in and taking your TV,” retired Oklahoma City Police officer and “cowboy cop” Jerry Flowers told Reuters. “An outlaw here in the country is going to be cutting your fence and taking your cattle.”

As it turns out, beef is very popular, which has led to a spike in prices for cows — up to $3,000 a head. Flowers said about 75 percent of cattle rustlers are doing it to feed their drug habits.

When caught, rustlers no longer face the noose, but they can get up to 10 years in prison. That has to be an interesting conversation to have with your cellmate.

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