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Chicken-Fried News: Energy country



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If Oklahoma was its own nation, our daily production of 5.15 billion cubic feet of dry natural gas would place it at No. 18 among top global producers, revealed a recent report from American Petroleum Institute.

“[Oklahoma is] ahead of nations such as Mexico and the United Arab Emirates,” wrote Tulsa World reporter John Stancavage. “Oklahoma’s rise is even more impressive when you consider that it has occurred during the past few years when prices for gas have been in a slump.”

Success (and income) like that sure would look awesome in a chamber of commerce pamphlet filled with pies (we prefer apple) and charts (we prefer the Indie Singles Top 50 music one).

Texas eked itself into a spot between Russia (No. 2) and Iran (No. 3) with 18.84 billion cubic feet of dry natural gas production per day.

Our neighbor Louisiana landed between Algeria (No. 9) and Netherlands (No. 10) with its 7.98 billion gallons of daily production.

Similarly, Arkansas muscled into a slot between Nigeria (No. 25) and Oman (No. 26) with 3.13 billion cubic feet of daily production.

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