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Chicken-Fried News: Everyone, she’s OK. Really.


(Madeline Hancock)
  • Madeline Hancock

Kristin Chenoweth is really, really okay. No, really.

According to E! Online, Twitter was awash with concern for everyone’s Glenda the Good Witch, Kristin Chenoweth. The diminutive stage and screen star of Wicked and Pushing Daisies fame sent out vague missives about her symptoms, asking, “anyone who prays please do!” She then reported that she was headed to the hospital for an evaluation. She soon followed up with breezy reassurance that all is fine. Of course, in record time, the epic game of Telephone that is the Internet had no doubt upgraded her medical status to somewhere between “grave” and “at death’s door.”

Chenoweth reassured fans it was nothing out of the ordinary and thanked them for their positive support. She brushed it off as a “flare-up.”

The Broken Arrow native suffered a serious injury on the set of The Good Wife in 2012. A lighting rig fell on her, fracturing her skull and straining and spraining her hip, neck and ribs. If we know anything about the dynamo, it’s that you can’t keep her down for long.

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