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Chicken-Fried News: Expensive exertion



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Governor’s daughter Christina Fallin might be many things, but she isn’t someone who works for free.

Fallin is once again under public scrutiny, but this time, she’s the one who’s angry.

Fallin filed a lawsuit against local janitorial company GT Clean and its owner, Ginger Sloan, claiming she’s owed thousands of dollars for work.

“She would do some marketing and promoting. She did some hiring and firing, setting up schedules, walking through buildings for cleaning contracts,” Bryan King, Fallin’s attorney, told

Fallin claims GT Clean owes her “$42,000 in salary [and] $19,511 in commissions” and Sloan herself owes Fallin $1,819 for her work at Sloan’s medical transcription business and $16,943 plus interest for a personal loan, according to The Republic. reported that Sloan filed bankruptcy five days after Fallin resigned from her position and “is also facing a number of civil suits.”

Over the past few years, Fallin and Sloan appeared together at various public social gatherings, including high-profile Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2014 and events at the governor’s mansion.

The Republic also reported that Fallin requested the case to be sealed to keep it out of the public eye, but Judge Tim Leonard said it was “contrary to the presumption of openness of judicial records.”

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