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Selfies are a great way to save memories. Take one at the Grand Canyon or at a relative’s graduation.

Still, some selfies are regrettable. There’s at least one area thief who probably regrets his.

A man broke into Okie Energy, a Midtown business at NW 10th Street and N. Walker Avenue, on two consecutive nights, reported Police believe it was the same man because the store’s high-definition security camera caught images of the suspect scavenging through the store.

The store’s owner told News 9 the man allegedly took around $8,000 worth of electronics and other items, including a watch, headphones and computers.

At one point, the suspect can be seen grabbing the security camera and obliviously staring into it, almost as if he were taking a selfie.

Police could not have asked for a better look at the suspect.

In today’s social-media world, it could have been a subconscious reaction for the thief to point the first camera lens he saw at his face to mark the occasion — no different than a leg-jerk reflex after a doctor taps a patient’s knee.

The snap was at least good practice for his possible future police mugshot.

Maybe the thief came back the second time to figure out how to get the footage on his Instagram.

We here at Chicken Fried-News do not think the Valencia filter will help any theft look less red-handed.

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