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Chicken-Fried News: Fallin speaks



The desire to be liked often causes us to say only the things we know people want to hear. We at Chicken-Fried News wonder if that was the drive behind Gov. Mary Fallin’s Feb. 6 State of the State address.

What do teachers want? A pay raise! When do they want it? Years ago!

Fallin laid it down last week as she gave her address, which also kicked off the 2017 legislative session: “Let’s act on a permanent pay raise for our public school teachers.”

What do grandmothers want for out-of-state grandchildren? An ID that allows them to fly. When do they want it? Years ago!

Fallin insisted: “Send me a bill to fix REAL ID licenses. We have four months to solve this issue. Let’s get it done.”

What do drivers want? Better roads and bridges! When do they want them? Years ago!

Fallin announced: “I am proposing a new revenue stream by increasing our gas and diesel taxes to the regional state average, but still below the national average. … Let’s put the fuel taxes into roads and bridges.”

What do middle class families and businesses want? Tax relief. When do they want it? … Yep.

Fallin asserted: “By expanding the sales tax base, this allows us to eliminate the state sales tax on groceries and the corporate income tax.”

What do all Oklahomans want? To feel safer! When do they want it? … Uh-huh.

Fallin insisted: “No trooper should be furloughed or restricted to driving 100 miles a day because of lack of funding.”

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