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Chicken-Fried News: Fan out



One year ago, Oklahoma City Thunder fans were floored by the news that general manager Sam Presti had won the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes and negotiated a trade to get the star — and his bloated contract — out of the Big Apple and into the Big Biscuits and Gravy (our official state fruit).

But the Melo experiment in OKC never quite worked, and at the end of the year, the aging forward made it clear he was not happy with his diminished role on the new team. So Presti had to strike yet another deal, and much of the Thunder world was almost equally as happy as they were a year ago after hearing Anthony would be shipped to Atlanta as part of a three-team deal, adding point guard Dennis Schröder and young wing Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot, henceforth known by his initials TLC.

Sure, those aren’t exactly household names. But they are both serviceable players with high upside and represent a way better and less expensive alternative to waiving Anthony’s contract.

It is not clear what kind of role these players will ultimately wind up with on the Thunder, but it seems possible they could also be excited about being on a new team.

In a tweet by Bleacher Report senior writer Ric Bucher, the NBA insider said the German national has an admiration for OKC’s human highlight machine.

“Dennis Schröder’s favorite player/idol/role model: Russ Westbrook,” Bucher wrote. “This should be interesting.”

Interesting indeed. Could Schröder, who has a headstrong reputation in his own right, become Westbrook’s new adopted little brother? Will they show up to games in matching, high-fashion onesies? We expect Schröder to be Westbrook’s mouthpiece when he’d rather give the media the cold shoulder. You know, “Russ says he doesn’t want to answer that” or “Russ says you can shut up now.”

Strangely enough, TLC also appears to be teaming up with one of his player idols. NBA reporter David Pick said on Twitter that he hit the player up shortly after news of the deal went down.

“I just texted Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot on trade to OKC Thunder,” Pick wrote. “He’s thrilled: ‘(OMG Emojis) HUGE. I’m so excited. Paul George is my favorite player.’”

We’re not quite sure which emojis are the OMG emojis, but we’re happy that TLC appears happy. Hopefully it won’t be long before he and George are out on the multi-millionaire’s private fishing hole somewhere. Maybe they can bond over a mutual love of the song “No Scrubs,” an American masterpiece.

Both players might be consolation prizes in the grand scheme of the Anthony fallout, but they’re our consolation prizes! Here’s hoping they make quick friends with their Thunder heroes.

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